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managerswithoutborders introduction 

The managerohnegrenzen gGmbH is a non-profit foundation based in Stuttgart, Germany and has been carrying out projects to promote small and medium-sized enterprises as well as local economic development in Africa, Latin America and Asia since 2005. managerohnegrenzen works primarily with civil society institutions and private companies in the partner countries. The goal is to support project partners in their sustainable and long-term success through the transfer of management know-how and business consulting. 

Act Now Award introduction 

The Act Now Award will take place on the 22.06.2022 and will be carried out online. The award is for successful, committet and independent entrepreneurs and (small and medium-sized) companies which show what successful entrepreneurships in low-income countries can achieve.

The entrepreneurs present how to build up an existence and impact with their own strength and will. German and other European companies acknowledge these efforts by promoting the award and thus expressing their recognition and appreciation. The award itself will be split in three different categories, namely impact, innovation and performance.




In each category, one winner will be selected by the jury, who will receive prize money of 3,000 euros. In addition, a young talent award will be presented in each category. These newcomers will each receive prize money of 1,000 euros


• poor food supply for large groups of the population, resulting in malnutrition and hunger
• a low  income per capita, poverty
• no or inadequate health care, a high infant mortality rate and low average life expectancy
• inadequate educational opportunities, a high illiteracy rate
• high unemployment, an overall low standard of living, often extremely unequal distribution of available goods

• When applying minimum active for one year
• Financial evidence of a business activity
• Needs to have a business strategy (not only social organizations)

• Local ownership
• Companies’ ownership needs to be mainly by the local founder
• Mainly financial and organizational independence from third parties
• Mainly local partners

• Minimum compliance of four SDG’s policies with proof

If you want to apply for the Act Now Award, find the corresponding application form here: Application Form

Please submit your form no later than 15. May 2022. For further questions please contact:

Important Information

If you want to apply for the Act Now Award, find the corresponding application form here: 

Please submit your form no later than 15. May 2022.