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Projects worldwide
Projects worldwide

Everyone becomes business angel

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We have a thing against poverty.

It’s high time for business angels!

Donations for the development of Africa and many impoverished areas in Asia.

For jobs for all the moms and dads of this world.

Business Angel

Business Angel are the good spirits that, with their donations, make it possible for other people to find work, especially in the poor countries. Where moms and dads depend on them to finally get jobs so they can take proper care of their children and send them to schools. 

It is so infinitely tragic that so little happens in this direction. Just talking does not help, real actions are necessary.

That’s why we invite everyone to become a business angel.
Anyone can do it and finally become an angel.

Business angels donate small and large amounts to help those who want to earn their own income, instead of constantly searching for leftovers in rubbish dumps or simply living on the little bits they get from time to time whilst starving the rest of the time. That’s not always easy. Even with a lot of good will and great ideas. Because the good will alone is not enough. You also have to know how to do it right. A lot of countries have many outstanding skilled people, craftsmen and traders, but their lack of basic economic education, and very often lack of education in general, is hampering successful entrepreneurship. You have to know how it works: how to calculate, how to plan well and how to successfully market and sell.

We use the donations to bring as many people as possible back into employment and food security. To make small traders more successful, to help women in agriculture obtain better prices for their products, to assist in the production sectors, where something has already been built (quite often in sustainable energy supply), to become more successful and to create more and more jobs.

We help with our knowledge as business people: we advise, train and guide for as long as possible to help as many people as possible to get back on their feet.

This is so infinitely important, regardless of politics and other obstacles. Only a person who possesses knowledge can progress. And he who perseveres, wins. The balance of what we can achieve is fascinating:
Any small business that can hire 10 people (and this is definitely not impossible), will automatically provide for approximately 200 people. This is based on the calculation that on average every single income can provide for 20 people making sure they are no longer at the mercy of poverty and hunger. This means that 100 small businesses would be able to support 20,000 people with the basic needs for survival…. an incredible tool to fight poverty. The idea is inspiring!

We do all this without governmental funds, solely with the commitment of people from the business world: business people against poverty.
There are our Managers, together with our Project-Team, who, with their highly qualified knowledge, travel voluntarily to these countries and take up their fight against poverty. Since we have more than 10 years of experience, a good network and a professional team, we can make a difference. 

We need your support as a business angel, to provide wings

Business angels are angels who help us along. Now is the right time for it!