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Rural Family Care

Kasese, Uganda

The social business sells innovative, eco-friendly & mobile kitchen equipment such as stoves. The goal is to increase access and use of renewable energy technologies and to promote green skills training for women and youth for sustainable employability.


Kigali, Rwanda

The IT company is tackling the problem of e-waste in Rwanda with innovative ways for a waste-free world. Based on an IT platforms, the company connects recycling companies and households to trade e-waste. This leads to traceability of materials and the recycling of these.




Mombasa, Kenya

Since 2019, the startup has been analyzing, recycling and converting used lithium-ion battery cells into solar-ready battery packs. These will be used in solar applications for low-income communities. The goal is to enable every household to have access to reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions through innovations in battery technology.


Bujumbura, Burundi

The artists' association focuses on sustainable art made from plastic waste. Their goal is to become a leader in environmental protection and urban beautification. In doing so, they offer artworks according to your customer's needs, be it sculpture, pottery, picture frame or painting together for environmental protection in different aspects.



Genial Foods & Beverages

Mpigi, Uganda

The company produces the traditional, Ugandan and organic energy drink "Bushera" in cooperation with local smallholder farmers. The company's goal is to create awareness for healthy nutrition in rural communities and to develop women's entrepreneurial skills and sustainable projects.

Asili Dairy Company Limited

Arusha, Tanzania

Founded by women, the dairy supplies high-quality and affordable dairy products to the majority of the poor population in Tanzania. In doing so, they buy their milk from small farmers in Arusha, creating an outlet for them. Their manufactured products include sour milk, chocolate, yogurt and much more.




Takoradi, Ghana

The company produces locally, handmade and high quality shoes from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. In doing so, the company not only focuses on environmental protection, but also on qualified young people. They thus create jobs with future prospects.

Pollucare Cleaners

Nairobi, Kenya

The environmental protection company was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating a clean and healthy environment. It offers solutions for solid waste management. Pollucare Cleaners will be the first company to set up a center to add value to waste, where it recycles 99% of waste into new products.




Kigali, Rwanda

The PULSE is pursuing the development of a network of solar-powered rural centers as a platform for providers of various products and commercial, social and public services. The goal is to become a leading player in the transformation of rural bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) markets. Through the integrated approach, the centers will become a "vibrant" core of economic and social activities of the respective BoP community.

Victoria Agribusiness

Kisumu-Ahero, Kenya

The company aims to be the best digital platform connecting smallholder farmers with premium markets and improving food security across Africa. In doing so, the provider guarantees secure and fast payment, provides seeds and fertilizer in credit form, and offers training in good agricultural practices.



Jiko Tamu Limited

Nairobi, Kenya

The company's goal is to bring ethically and locally produced upscale seafood to the streets and promote an increase in the acceptance of healthy, nutritious meals among growing urban populations while supporting local farmers in rural communities. As a result, the company offers affordable seafood meals.

Judelaz global care

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The NGO provides jobs for youth and women to improve the livelihoods of these target groups and support the poor in the community through agricultural rehabilitation and outreach programs. The goal is to change the face of Africa through its agricultural and processing business

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