Being a Social Business Angel will make you happy!

We have something against poverty.


It’s better to earn income – than to sink further into poverty, for own livelihoods and jobs.

In many countries live excellent practitioners, craftsmen, and traders. But their economic education, and very often education in general, are not sufficient for successful entrepreneurship. Even if these aspiring businesses are small, owners must know how to calculate, plan well, sell, and most importantly, be successful. That is where we can help!

As businesspeople, we help with our knowledge: we go on missions worldwide as managers without borders to accompany, advise, and train in long-term and sustainable ways. As a result, we help many people get on their feet, make traders more successful, support women in agriculture achieve better prices, and assist the production areas where something has already been built up, quite often in the energy supply, to become more successful and create more and more jobs.

It’s high time for Social Business Angels!

Please donate to the development of Africa and many impoverished areas in Asia and South America!

So that many managers without borders can go into action to defeat poverty.