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Students and young junior executives get the unique opportunity to involve themselves in, social commitment together with an experienced Manager in „tandem assignments“ worldwide. It is an excellent way to bring university knowledge into practice. Each Young Leader is fully integrated into the project, is part of the overall project mission and, through his or her commitment and knowledge, supports aid and development projects in the poorest regions of the world.

Young Leader Tandem student developpment projectsOur Young Leader Maximilian Wäger talks about his experiences during his mission in Tanzania:
“Together with the Manager Without Borders Dr. Christopher Schierholz, I supported a local arts and crafts manufacturer in Tanzania. Here I was able to contribute my know-how in marketing and management directly to the people who most need the support – with successful results! This unique experience will stay with me throughout my life.”

The Manager is mentor and partner at the same time. As a team they resolve the pending assignments together. Afterwards, the experienced Young Leaders support the program to qualify other participants for a new assignment.

Applications for this program are accepted from students currently doing a Master´s degree and in pursuit of a position in management as well as newly graduated job entrants at the beginning of their career.

To apply for the program you will need to send us a motivation letter, your current CV, a letter of recommendation, references and any certificates you have obtained. All this will give us a first impression of you. Also of great interest to us are any internships you have absolved and experience gained in working abroad as well as in the social commitment field.

master students social comittmentCosts 

A fee is required to enter the Young Leader – program, but if you are still a student, you pay a substantially lower contribution. For this program no solo missions are undertaken, projects are only possible in tandem with an experienced manager.


Additional information and  other organizational questions can be directed to our team via
e-mail: contact@managers-without-borders.com

telephone: +49 711 2362390

WhatsApp: +49 1573 8159822