„Who exactly are these managers? “, is the question most frequently asked.


Only experienced specialists and executives are deployed in our projects. As “Volunteer Experts” we integrate them into complex tasks and challenges in developing countries.

“Manager” is an umbrella term that serves as a guide to who can work in our projects. There are many different responsibilities for a variety of people with different managerial qualities. This may also include, for example, a doctor or engineer with management experience and who does not necessarily want to work specifically in his or her original field of study. Your experience counts. Managers may also include administrators, civil servants, lawyers, teachers, accountants.

All managers are thoroughly prepared and supported: before, during and after the assignment. The starting point for any collaboration is the in-depth seminar “chances and challenges”, regardless of whether you work for us as a representative of a company or use a private social sabbatical for your commitment: you are needed! At the moment we have more requests than ever before.

Every form of management expertise is welcome

Commit yourself precisely to that which you feel called to and feel confident about. In our project proposals, we pay close attention to accurate descriptions that serve as a guide for you to base your decision on. We also need to get to know you better in order to be able to get you involved in the most fitting project for you. For this reason, your application documents include:

  • Filled out motivation form
  • English C.V.
  • German C.V.
  • Recent photograph

In contrast to the classical concept of long-term development aid, we provide high-quality assistance over a short period of time through professional planning and a sophisticated application and evaluation process, thus providing essential impulses for further independent development and self-help in each project.

This process is often called “capacity building”. We have found that, above all, it is important that we support the projects with our consultation for the long term. We support them in all phases on the way to an independent, successful development, no matter what topic is lined up. In keeping with the process of development, we integrate you, the managers, with your skills and competencies that best fit the development status of a project. You yourself will also collect a vast amount of own experiences to bring back home with you.

Are you planning your social sabbatical? We’ll do the rest. A win-win situation for everyone!

We need you: The senior 50+ leader for more extensive project assignments

Your current phase in life has a big advantage: you have more time “at once” than many of your younger colleagues. Give some of your time to the poorest of the poor in order to realize long-term projects together with us.

For example: the creation of our business HUBs. These assignments are more time consuming than the usual projects.

Basically, the same conditions apply to SENIOR Leaders as for younger colleagues: We plan your job profile exactly and you become part of our temporary field team.

Together, we decide on the time, place and duration of your assignment.

To discuss and plan your options, please contact us:

telephone: +49 711 2362390, WhatsApp: +49 1573 8159822 or e-mail: contact@managers-without-borders.com