The first managers-without-borders Business HUBs were established in Africa

What is a Business HUB?

The Business HUB is a local “branch office” of the German Foundation manager without borders. The managers-without-borders Business HUB is founded with local partners who manage the HUB from the start.

Business HUBThe business HUBs of managers-without-borders identify local, viable stakeholders and interested parties directly on site, build networks and develop co-operations. Individual entrepreneurs, cooperatives, active NGOs or other economic actors who can apply for support are addressed. After intensive verification of genuineness and viability, the HUB team (local partners and German managers without borders) will advise, coach and train the applicants to help them successfully start or grow their small and larger businesses. There are specifically tailored procedures for each different country. One main focus is also the promotion of women (Gender equality as per SDG 5). The consulting companies / entrepreneurs are supported on a long-term basis, ensuring sustainable economic development.


The Business HUBs are available for all inquiries: any private initiatives and entrepreneurs, government programs and church organizations, as long as they pursue economic objectives ensuring sustained poverty reduction and seek advice on management or economic issues.Applications can be sent directly to the Business HUB responsible for your region or to our central headquarters in Germany: or